Tow Hook License Plate Mount Installation Guide

Removing the tow point cover before installation, most of the cover can be removed by pushing in or pried. Only some special vehicles' tow point is covered by the bumper grille. In this case, the grille will need to need to be removed, or modification of hole drilling may be required.

Clean up the tow point before inserting the Tow Hook Adaptor Bolt (5) and tighten with 17MM wrench (Max 60LB/FT & do NOT use air tool). Some vehicles contain left-hand thread tow bolt. 

Place the rubber washer (4) in between the oval Shape Adaptor (2) and Tow Hook Bolt (5), *7MM Spacer (3) is optional*. Then use the Hex Wrench (7) slightly tight down the Long M8 Screw (8). DO NOT place the rubber washer (4) between the Long M8 Bolt (8) & Oval Shape Adaptor (2)

Installing the license plate holder (1) on to the oval shape adaptor (2) by using a pair of short M8 screws (9). If your vehicle is equipped with front parking sensors (PDC). Please choose a mount position that will not trigger the PDC. 

Double-check the gap between the plate holder (1) and bumper, adjust the bracket if necessary. Re-level it before final tight down, you still can reach the (8) M8 screw from the plate holder (1) open slot.

Attaching your license plate onto the plate holder (1) We have included two sets of hex head screws (8&9). The longer one can be used with the license plate frame. Please tighten as needed, please use the 7MM spacer as necessary to prevent the screws from protruding out the back of the plate.

Please keep all remaining hardware and tools in your glove box or roadside kit. In case you need to tow your vehicle, you will need it to uninstall the Tow Hook License Plate Kit.